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Stay Tuned for 2022 Campaigns!

Texting is a vital part of voter outreach, and 2022 is a key year for that outreach. We are planning to kick off several campaigns to Get Out The Vote. We will know which campaigns we will be running next sometime in February, so be sure to sign up to be notified when we are ready for your help!

Texting is by invitation only. Signup to text or get training at

Join our SLACK #rov-texting channel
here. In the Center for Common Ground workspace,  go to Channels, +, Browse Channels, and join #rov-texting.

About CFCG Texting

We sent 2.9 million texts for the 2020 elections.
We sent 530,000 texts to Georgia in 2021 to fight voter suppression bills.

To  join a guided phone bank, go to  We like to have fun and help each other out, so jump on in!    

Previous Campaigns

Virginia Texting Campaign

Center for Common Ground is texting 600,000 voters of color with information regarding Early Voting for the November 2 General Election. Early voting has already started and runs until October 30th.

Texting with Outreach Circle
Outreach Circle is a relational organizing tool that includes texting as one of its actions. Texting is a "private" action on Outreach Circle and you must be invited by an Administrator. Texts can be sent from your computer, phone or tablet. We provide local phone numbers for the region that we are texting.

Join us on Outreach Circle
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Enter the Virginia Code: SHH346

Texting is by invitation only. Signup to text or get training at

Join our SLACK #rov-texting channel
here. In the Center for Common Ground workspace,  go to Channels, +, Browse Channels, and join #rov-texting.

Virginia Campaign

Virginia has historically held “off-off-year” elections for state-wide and local offices. In 2021, elections
will be held for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, the House of Delegates (100 for a two-year
term) and many other local offices. The practice of holding these off-off-year elections dates back to the Commonwealth’s 1851 constitution and has the practical effect of lowering voter turn-out significantly.

In recent years, the turnout has been at least 30 percent lower than in the prior year Presidential
election. Reclaim our Vote has several activities in Virginia focused on increasing the turnout of voters of color in Virginia to ensure that all voices are heard in these important elections. In spite of record turnout in the Presidential Election, there are still a significant number of registered voters of color who do not vote.

Our efforts in Virginia in advance of both the June 8th Primary Election and the November 2nd General Election include the following:

March through mid-April – We distributed 440,000 addresses for our postcard writing campaign to the
voters of color who were removed from the voting rolls across the state. Virginia performs voter list
maintenance of a regular basis. The objective is to remove voters who are deceased, have
moved out-of-state or are ineligible to vote (i.e. non-citizens). Voters who have missed two
general elections are assumed to fall into one of the above categories. There are failures at
every part of the process that could render a registered voter as unregistered.

April through May – Our outreach campaign to over 1.3 million registered Virginia
voters of color includes phone banks and text banks to encourage them to vote early
starting on April 23rd for the upcoming Primary Election.

August through October – Join us again for postcard writing, phone banks and text banks in
advance of the November 2nd General Elections to ensure that the historic record turnouts of
Virginia voters of color continues in these important state and local Elections!

Interested? Contact our VA Regional Organizer at to explore how we can
partner together to empower voters of color across Virginia.

Important Election Dates
April 23 – Start of early voting (or April 24 in jurisdictions with Saturday voting)
May 17 - Registration Deadline for VA Primary
June 8 – VA Primary Elections

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