Fighting for Voting Rights & Mobilizing Communities of Color

Since 2018, the Center for Common Ground has been working to reimagine what voter mobilization looks like.

“I phone bank because it reflects my values. I love talking to people in places like Georgia, working against voter suppression and white supremacy. It makes me feel useful and connected.”
Carol Whitman, Volunteer Team Leader
"I am truly grateful to the Center for Common Ground for providing a consistent, friendly to its volunteers, and easy to use framework and opportunity for being engaged in societal matters crucial to our country."
Manor Ben-Shaul, Volunteer
"I've now participated in multiple campaigns, having personally written and mailed several hundred postcards to folks from all around the country.  Although I will never see or know or speak directly with the persons receiving my colorful cards urging them to engage in their local elections, I still feel a deep connection with these voters who, hopefully inspired by my hand written notes, will take action to help make a difference in their communities and our Nation."
J. Scott Feierabend, Volunteer

Our Partners

American Ethical Union
AMP America
Black Voters Matter
Criminal Injustice Network
Divine 9
The Democracy Labs
Declaration for American Democracy
Newberry Foundation
New Alpha Community Development Center
Omega Psi Phi (Alabama)
Prince Hall Masons
Partnership for Southern Equity
Power to the Polls
Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
SCLC Cobb County
S.E.E.D. for All
SMART Elections
Students for Justice
The Lighthouse
The People's Agenda
The Workers Circle
Unitarian Universalists (UU the Vote Campaign)
United Church of Christ
The Union
Vote Equality US