Reclaim Our Vote

Reclaim Our Vote is a grassroots, primarily volunteer-run campaign that focuses on increasing BIPOC voter turnout through post-carding, texting, and phone banking. Working with local, on-the-ground partners and our Democracy Centers, we build effective, respectful, and relevant campaigns that engage BIPOC voters around upcoming elections.

Through our get-out-the-vote work, we provide early voting locations and times, voter registration deadlines, information for free rides to the polls, and phone numbers for county election officials.

We understand that information is power, and we work to empower voters.

Reclaim Our Vote Impact

Our messaging is effective and inclusive. We work with local, people of color led organizations in our target communities to develop our messaging strategy.

We empower infrequent voters. By contacting infrequent voters who are overlooked by political campaigns, we offer a bridge from non-voter to empowered voter.

Our efforts increase voter turnout. In 2021, talking to Black voters over the phone increased turnout by 17.3% and writing post cards increased Black voter turnout by 3%.


We contacted over 1.2 million voters of color in 2023! Together, we delivered over 555,000 postcards, sent over 325,000 text messages, made more than 325,000 calls.

We worked in 13 elections in 5 states with most of our efforts concentrated on the Virginia state primary and general election.


We contacted over 6.4 million voters of color in 2022! Together, we delivered over 3.4 million postcards, sent over 2.7 million text messages, made more than 250,000 calls, and knocked on 7,300 doors.

We did voter outreach for the primary and general Midterm election, the Georgia runoff, and the primary for Virginia's 4th Congressional District special election.


Because 2021 was an off year for elections, we focused on advocacy work and get out the vote work.

We generated approximately 135,253 calls and emails to elected officials. Our thousands of volunteers made 170,109 calls, mailed 1,008,000 handwritten postcards, and sent 1,017,811 texts for voter mobilization and issue advocacy campaigns.

For elections, we contacted almost 800,000 Black voters in Virginia. We sent over 775,000 postcards and made over 39,000 calls to Black voters for the primaries and general election.


We contacted 14 million voters of color in 2020. We sent over 9 million hand-written postcards, made 1.7 million phone calls and sent 2.9 million text messages to voters for voter registration, Pledge to Vote and Get Out The Vote (GOTV).

Get Out The Vote With US!

Phone Banking

Besides door-to-door canvassing, phone banking is the most effective way to increase voter turnout.

We run multiple training sessions and guided phone banking events every week. Available to our individual volunteers to make calls at their convenience, our phone banks provided a simple, easy-to-follow format for our volunteers to relay crucial information to voters.


Post Carding

We have beautiful, eye-catching and inclusive postcards with carefully crafted messages that provide important election information and key issues at stake while emphasizing the importance of their voice. We urge early voting, provide useful information for voting and free rides to the polls and encourage voters to tell their friends.



Our texting campaigns begin three weeks before an election and are used to send election information to BIPOC voters in our target states.

Texting is by invite only. Learn more about texting here.