Take Action

Congresswoman Nikema Williams of Georgia is introducing a series of bills to protect and expand access to the ballot and strengthen our elections infrastructure. Will you take action and tell your member of Congress to support the following bills?
Time Off to Vote Act: Requires employers to grant their workers at least two consecutive hours of paid leave to vote in federal elections TAKE ACTION!

Expanding the Vote Act (HR 5295): Will provide local governments with more translations of election materials and ensure everyone, regardless of their English language proficiency, can equitably participate in our democracy. TAKE ACTION!

People Over Long Lines Act (HR 5291): Declares that waiting periods at polling locations must not exceed 30 minutes and provides resources to curb long lines at the polls. TAKE ACTION!

Youth Voting Rights Act (HR 5293): Ensures eligible young voters can access the ballot box. TAKE ACTION!

Sustaining Our Democracy Act (HR 5292): Would provide $20 billion in mandatory federal funding over the next decade to help states and local governments support election administration. TAKE ACTION!

Unhoused VOTE Act (HR 5294): Establishes in law that no person may be denied the right to vote because they do not have a traditional home. TAKE ACTION!

Election Mail Act (HR 2897): Will improve the delivery and processing of election mail to make absentee voting more efficient. TAKE ACTION!

Voters on the Move Registration Act (HR 5290): Will give Americans information on registering to vote when they move. TAKE ACTION!

If you are a partner organization and would like us to share a legislative action on our website, please email josi@centerforcommonground.org.