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Join Our Action Teams

Our Action Teams phonebank, postcard, and text to support our campaigns to reach out to under-represented voters of color to support their voting rights and pursue legislation and community engagement to improve quality of life. Come join us!


One of the most effective ways you can make a change, Phone banking with Center for Common Ground is easy, rewarding, and very impactful.


We guide our volunteers in writing colorful and informative handwritten postcards to voters of color in targeted voter suppression states


Text with us to voters of color for Get Out The Vote, community outreach, and other initiatives.

Legislative Initiatives

Contact your state's legislators to impact their decisions on voting rights and equity legislation.

US Residents: Support DC Statehood

Contact your representatives to vote in favor of making Washington D.C. a state, so their residents have the same rights as the rest of the US.

AZ Residents: Protect Your Voting Rights!

Contact your Arizona state representatives to fight voter suppression legislation.

AZ Residents: Tell Sinema to pass S1

Contact Senator Sinema and ask that she supports any measures that will make it possible to pass S1.

TX Residents: Protect Your Voting Rights!

State legislators are trying to make it even harder for Texans to vote. Two omnibus bills, SB7 and HB6, would impose a flood of new restrictions on voting rights.

Nationwide Legislation Tracker