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Welcome! Reclaim Our Vote facilitates colorful and informative handwritten postcards to community of color voters in targeted voter suppression states. Our culturally sensitive cards serve a variety of nonpartisan voting rights, voter empowerment and voter engagement campaigns: Registration, Get Out The Vote, Pledge To Vote (Vote Tripling), Energy Equity, Citizen Engagement, Economic and Climate Justice.

1.    Available May 15 - Highest priority: Energy equity, economic and racial justice in Georgia. We're partnering again with Wan Smith and We The Plug Tho, organizing disenfranchised community of color consumers suffering high electric bills and other predatory practices by utility companies and electric co-ops. Hear more from Wan, who spoke at our Road to the Midterms webinar - the recording is here.  (You will write the card and hold it until June 21, mail all the cards June 21).


2.   Available May 22 - Next highest priority: HR1/S1For The People Act must pass to override the voter suppression bills, and protect democracy. A Senate vote will happen in July or August. Our nonpartisan postcarding in partnership with One Arizona will write to less-targeted voters of color to urge them to raise their voices to protect their vote, and contact Senator Sinema by phone or through our online portal where they can easily email, call or tweet to her.  (You will mail these cards as soon as written, deadline June 15 at the latest.)

Before You Start

We ask writers new to our campaign to view our short video and Guidelines in order to understand our philosophy and methods; and to submit  first sample postcards for review.

Watch the ROV Postcard Training Video, linked below. Please don’t share on social media. Some specific info on stickers/supplies does not apply to all, but the overall concepts do. Please do not copy the text of postcards in the video: they are examples from previous campaigns.

Read the ROV Guidelines for Postcard Writers

New to Reclaim Our Vote and Center for Common Ground? 

Thank you for supporting democracy!

Getting Started: Ordering Supplies and Addresses

You will need postcards, stamps, and labels, unless your Regional Organizer can help to provide these. Unless you pick up a packet of postcards and addresses from a local contact, you will receive the data portion by email.

POSTCARDS:  RECLAIM OUR VOTE postcards are required.  Click here to order ROV postcards from VistaPrint. These racially inclusive, uplifting, colorful and eye-catching postcards with voting rights themes,.designed by young immigrant artists of color, are part of our strategy, and provided at a discount through our online postcard store. To learn about our postcard artist, click here.   

STAMPSClick here to order .36 postcard stamps. Please buy coral reefs, barn, or other neutral designs. Flags are unfortunately associated with voter suppression and intimidation for many.

LABELS: Order Avery (type) labels 30 per page, size 1 x 2.65” = 1 x 2 ⅝” 

Crowd-sourced suggestions for ordering labels: 

ADDRESSES: We have a wonderful group of volunteer organizers and address distributors who will email you voter addresses, script, and a template for printing labels. Every set of addresses has a specific script, tailored to the county where the voter lives. (See sample postcard to show how we use labels for information such as the phone number and url.)

Contact your regional organizer for more information.

Overview of Our Postcarding

We started postcarding in 2019.  In 2020 we distributed over 9 million postcards, written and mailed by volunteers, and 77,000 viewed our training video!

2021 postcard campaigns are on a smaller scale than 2020. We have completed two campaigns:

  • Virginia Voter Registration, 440,000 postcard addresses: Virginia has statewide elections for Governor, Lt Governor, Attorney General, and House of Delegates (primary 6/8, general 11/2)
  • Energy Equity, Climate Justice, Citizen Engagement:  With Georgia partners We The Plug Tho, we completed Phase I - we sent 90,000 postcards to empower utility customers, including owner-members of Rural Electric Cooperatives, to have a say in utility rates and type of energy use. We will be sending followup postcards for Phase 2, the third week of June.

Contact your Regional Organizer or Distributor for info, data, or (possibly) local supplies or even all-in-one postcard packets, if there happen to be volunteer packet-makers in your area.

We are also making calls. To  join a guided phone bank, go to  We like to have fun and help each other out, so jump on in!