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For The People ActWe have begun to make calls to Arizona Voters and patching them through to Senator Kyrsten Sinema, where they will encourage her to help reform the filibuster in order to protect and defend democracy.

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In Virginia, we are getting out the vote
Virginia has historically held “off-off-year” elections for state-wide and local offices. In 2021, elections
will be held for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, the House of Delegates and many other local offices. The practice of holding these off-off-year elections dates back to the Commonwealth’s 1851 constitution and has the practical effect of lowering voter turn-out significantly.

In recent years the turnout has been at least 30 percent lower than in the prior year Presidential
election. Reclaim Our Vote has several activities in Virginia focused on increasing the turnout of voters of color in Virginia to ensure that all voices are heard in these important elections. In spite of record turnout in the Presidential Election, there are still a significant number of registered voters of color who do not vote.

For more information about our upcoming Virginia campaign, click here
In Texas, we are currently fighting 2 voter suppression billsHouse Bill 6/Senate Bill 7 (these bills have been merged, and are now equivalents)

HB 6 / SB 7 subjects County Elections Officials and Workers to a series of new or increased criminal penalties in the administration of elections.   These new criminal penalties in House Bill 6are both vague and unnecessary and leave County Elections Officials and Workers playing a guessing game as to whether they are violating the law. The threat of these new criminal penalties will make the already difficult job of staffing elections by Counties even more arduous.  SB 7 Punishes Election Administrators and Workers By:

➢ Making the solicitation of an application to vote by mail by someone who did not request one punishable by a State Jail Felony.

➢ Subjecting elections officials to a vaguely worded new prohibition on counting invalid votes punishable by a State Jail Felony.

➢ Making the removal of a poll watcher by an Election Judge for any reason other than an offense related to the conduct of an election a Class A Misdemeanor.  

➢Making an election officer who refuses to accept a poll watcher for service subject to a Class B Misdemeanor.

More Info About the Texas Bills
In Louisiana, we are assisting community vaccinationsPower Coalition is a coalition of community-based organizations who work together to educate and empower voters across Louisiana. Through our voter engagement and community organizing work, we seek to unify our collective voices into a stronger, more cohesive force that can successfully advocate for an agenda of shared values and issues.

Our work is diverse and includes power mapping, listening sessions, organizing, voter engagement, policy advocacy, and leadership development. It is centered on creating spaces where community can come together to lift up the issues that impact them, and then connect those issues to local, regional, and national resources–including the state voter file–to move our shared agenda.

In Louisiana we are working with the Department Health, local health departments, and other organizations to #BringBackLouisiana  and get our communities vaccinated. We are working in targeted areas across the state where vaccination rates are low to encourage people to get vaccinated. Find out more at

Center For Common Ground is setting up phone banks to assist Power Coalition by calling communities of color in Louisiana and helping folks get covid vaccinations, in addition to connecting them to community health resources.
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