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In Arizona, we are currently fighting 3 voter suppression billsSB 1485 - Removes the “permanent” from the Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL) by purging voters do not vote in both the partisan primary election and the general election in two successive elections. This new system allows elections officials monitor whether voters use an early ballot often enough to maintain the “privilege” of automatically receiving a ballot in the mail.

SB 1106 - Makes it a felony to vote in AZ for voters who are temporarily residing out of state - if they remain registered in AZ (such as college students).

SB 1713 - requires the voter put BOTH their Date of Birth and either their Driver's License number OR Voter Registration number on the early ballot affidavit. This bill disproportionately impacts those without a copier/scanner or driver's license. This bill will destroy mail-in voting as we know it.

Advocacy Link

More Info About the Arizona Bills

For The People ActWe have begun to make calls to Arizona Voters and patching them through to Senator Kyrsten Sinema, where they will encourage her to help reform the filibuster in order to protect and defend democracy.

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In Virginia, we are getting out the vote
Virginia has historically held “off-off-year” elections for state-wide and local offices. In 2021, elections
will be held for Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, the House of Delegates and many other local offices. The practice of holding these off-off-year elections dates back to the Commonwealth’s 1851 constitution and has the practical effect of lowering voter turn-out significantly.

In recent years the turnout has been at least 30 percent lower than in the prior year Presidential
election. Reclaim Our Vote has several activities in Virginia focused on increasing the turnout of voters of color in Virginia to ensure that all voices are heard in these important elections. In spite of record turnout in the Presidential Election, there are still a significant number of registered voters of color who do not vote.

VA phone banks coming soon!

For more information about our upcoming Virginia campaign, click here
In Texas, we are currently fighting 3 voter suppression billsSB 7 and HB6 - Two new omnibus bills (one in the House, one in the Senate) that would shorten early voting periods, which hurts workers who work long hours,  institute challenges for disabled voters by requiring documentation of disability, Threaten voters, family and friends and community organizations with criminal prosecution for helping voters return absentee ballots, getting to the polls and much more.

HB 1026 - removes the role of Volunteer Deputy Registrars, who are critical to enrolling underserved voters. This bill will eliminate Texas's high school voter registration program. It would also take the registration process out of the hands of each county, placing all voter registration activities in the hands of the Secretary of State and increase bureaucratic red tape for registering voters.

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More Info About the Texas Bills
In Georgia, we are supporting grassroots energy equityWe The Plug Tho is a campaign to fight for energy equity and create accountability across the GA Public Service Commission to serve POC and working class energy and gas ratepayers. We are phone banking to Georgia residents and giving them a link to a listening tour, where they will be asked:

-Are your bills too high?
-Do you have health or pollution concerns associated with your city's electricity and gas?
-Have you experienced problems with your utility provider?

Following the tour, residents will be invited to organize to resolve the tops three issues that were prevalent across Georgia.

More Info About the Statewide Listening Tour

Informational Video with Wan Smith, Director
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