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Virginia CD4 Special Election

Due to the unfortunate passing of Congressman Donald McEachin, 4th Congressional District of Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin has called the Special Election for February 21, 2023. Because this is a "special" election rather than a general election, most jurisdictions have elected to open a single early voting location.

Virginia's 4th Congressional District contains urban, suburban, and rural communities. Minority voters comprise a majority of the district's voter base. The district includes all or parts of Brunswick County, Charles City County, Chesterfield County, Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie County, Emporia, Greensville County, Henrico County, Hopewell, Petersburg, Prince George County, Richmond, Southampton County, Surry County, and Sussex County.

Candidates for the VA 4th Congressional District are State Senator Jennifer McClellan (D) and Leon Benjamin, Sr. (R)

CD 4 Chesterfield Special Election
CD 4 Henrico Special Election
CD 4 Richmond Special Election
CD 4 Petersburg Special Election
CD 4 Brunswick Special Election

Wisconsin Supreme Court Primary

A spring state Supreme Court race in Wisconsin has serious implications for abortion policy, voting rights and more in the perennial battleground. In 2019, the Supreme Court majority was decided by 5,000 votes, less than one vote per precinct.

On February 21st there will be a Primary Election (4 candidates running) to determine the two candidates who will appear on the April 4th General Election ballot. While the race is non-partisan, two candidates identify as progressive and two identify as conservative justices.

This summer the Wisconsin Supreme Court will decide whether to uphold or overturn a state law outlawing all abortion -- written in 1849, before women had the right to vote. It will decide whether to allow or stop the racist voter suppression laws enacted by Wisconsin's anti-democratic state legislature, stemming from its own decision to allow the most gerrymandered state legislature maps in the nation. And it will decide whether to uphold or overturn Wisconsin's vote in the presidential election in 2024.

On Jan 10, Bob Spindell, a Wisconsin Election Commissioner charged with upholding the integrity of our elections, was caught bragging about how effective his party's voter suppression has been at reducing the vote of Black and Brown people in Milwaukee.

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