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Georgia Runoff Election

The Georgia runoff election is Tuesday, December 6. We are calling frequent Black voters in Georgia with their early voting locations, among other details on how to vote for the 2022 runoff election.

As of November 15, many counties have not yet posted their early voting locations. We are choosing our first counties based on whoever makes this information available the soonest. Early voting will likely be only one week for most counties.

NOVEMBER 25 - Runoff absentee ballot application deadline
NOVEMBER 28 - Early Voting must begin for 12/6 Runoffs
DECEMBER 2 - Early Voting ends for 12/6 Runoffs

Make Calls to Fulton County
Make Calls to Richmond County
Make Calls to Cobb County
Make Calls to Chatham County
Make Calls to Doughterty County
Make Calls to Randolph County
Make Calls to Sumter County

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