2023 Virginia Bill Tracker

There are 140 seats in the Virginia General Assembly (100 House and 40 Senate). The Virginia legislature has a Republican majority in the House and a Democratic majority in the Senate. 2023 is a "short session" year starting on January 11 and ending February 24th.

Session Schedule
January 11 - Session convenes
January 13 - Last day to introduce budget amendments
January 20 - Last day to introduce bills and joint resolutions
February 5 - House Appropriations and Senate Finance & Appropriations Committees to complete action on Budget Bills
February 7 - Crossover Day (last day for each chamber to enact their own legislation)
February 9 - Houses of origin to complete action on Budget Bills
February 15 - Last day to act on Budget Bills and revenue bills of other house and appoint conferees
February 20 - Last day for committee action on remaining bills
February 25 - Session adjourns
March 27 - Last day for Governor's action on legislation
April 12 - Reconvened Session
July 1 - Effective date of enacted legislation