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Fighting voter suppression, one voter at a time since 2018

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Through our phone banking, texting, postcarding and election watch campaigns, and with the help of our partner organizations and thousands of volunteers, we provide voter education about issues such as checking registration status, accessing voting tools and locations, and contacting local registrars or boards of elections. Under-served communities in states known for voter suppression require voter services that include: registration, Photo ID review, rides to the polls or to pick up Photo ID, and accurate information on Restoration of Rights for Returning Citizens.

Within voting lies the power to make change. To end voter suppression we must understand whose vote is being suppressed, why it is being suppressed and by whom; and what avenues exist to fight it. Voters need to learn how national, state and local policy and politics impact their communities, where their elected officials stand, and what can be done to create needed change.

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"I feel fortunate that CCFG provides me a great platform and excellent training to advance my passion for promoting the voting rights of people of color!”
Sumati Devadutt, Volunteer
“I phone bank because it reflects my values. I love talking to people in places like Georgia, working against voter suppression and white supremacy. It makes me feel useful and connected.”
Carol Whitman, Volunteer Team Leader
"I am truly grateful to the Center for Common Ground for providing a consistent, friendly to its volunteers, and easy to use framework and opportunity for being engaged in societal matters crucial to our country."
Manor Ben-Shaul, Volunteer
"I love the camaraderie of calling voters alongside other community-minded people, and the experience of making a difference in getting out the vote and connecting voters to their elected officials."
Shelley Annaís Karliner, Volunteer

Between elections, we teach voters to engage with elected officials and become citizen advocates.